Utterly Butterly Delicious Days if you are born in INDIA !!!!!

” Alele mera baccha…kitna pyara hai…bada hokr kya banega ,engineer banega , doctor banega, CA banega” …I am sure we might not remember but this line is the obvious line which almost every child passively hears after he/she has been merely for a week or a month on the stage named “world”…ya and some “abhimanyus” would have heard it even before(if you understand what I mean). I wonder what our elders feel from the first day we are born …the whole future is predicted by a typically dressed pandit..(who might not know his own future) and there the planning and the day&night dreaming starts of our parents and family …mom would say doctor and papa would say engineer …and if you have someone else into the dreaming team.. CA can also be an option & the best part is that the new born is still busy staring at some new faces and bodies which are very large in size than his and most of the time busy in communicating by CRYING. Then the baby starts uttering  something like “ehh”, “aaaw”, “umm” ,”bae”(the present day emotions used by a boyfriend or a girlfriend while expressing their love to each other on “social networking sites”)…and as soon as the word mumma comes out… the baby is constantly asked to repeat the same word thousands of time. Every near and dear and even not near and not dear is called and given the good news but babies are smart ..when mumma is not near , he/she will utter mumma and once she is near ..even on her begging ..babies would not utter it because the baby understands that the thing which is already near is not called for.. “the law of common sense” which mumma has forgotten. Every thing which is needed or to tell that nature’s call has been done in the diaper …there is only one language “CRY”..and your work is done..and these are the days when the parents discuss that our child will be an Engineer or a doctor and what not . Then when the baby is almost of 1.5 year..he/she is told that very soon (please note soon means after 2 years) he has to go to the school and become like her elder sister/brother, the baby till this time (if has an elder bro/sis)has understood that the elder one daily goes somewhere out during a specific time with some heavily loaded thing(bag) and wears the same dress daily (uniform..and actually baby recognises the elder one on the basis of the dress itself ..that yes that middle heighted boy in white dress is my brother)and at that very moment the baby would reply unknowingly “ehh” as if he is telling that”NO ,I would not”.I wonder what thoughts go on in our minds when we are very small …when everyone plans for our future…but at the end the same parents would allow you to choose your own stream after the child grows up..this is the LOVE that parents have for their child. They may have thousands of expectations from you when you are a baby but the ultimate choice is always of the child……..missing those utterly butterly delicious days of my life…..when I just had to “CRY”…I wish I could live those moments again…now signing off…….


Published by: Tanvi Mahapurush

I am Tanvi , a simple girl with many dreams to be turned into reality. I belong to the city loved for its food, INDORE but currently living in PUNE . Frankly speaking, was never passionate about writing but as the bird named "time" passed....the vehicle named "feelings" was driven on full speed by me ...and finally here I am to pen them down. I write about anything and everything that comes to my mind


8 thoughts on “Utterly Butterly Delicious Days if you are born in INDIA !!!!!”

  1. Heyyy Tanvi can’t believe ur first blog and that’s so fantastic..its really the fact of life..u meet the no of peoples in this world but the parents are the only who are going to support and love u unconditionally.. Absolutely agree wd u..keep writing and gives us a opportunity to read more..keep it up..

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  2. You got the pulse right….!!!
    I do agree that in most of the cases, this is the script of ‘Life-Play’. The path-breaking plays can be seen when you too do not turn into playing same script with your kids 🙂
    The changing trend has already been happening though.

    When one generation suffers from something they try to do exactly opposite with their next generation…. but mind well; in that case too, they are bulldozing their views under the color of “I want to give freedom to my next generation” … What is really required is “Read the mind of partner / kids than making your own voice louder” ….

    Since I am right on the boarder of both the generations I am taking the (undue) advantage of passing these remarks!!!


    Best of luck and will be waiting for next post….


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